Fantasy Premier League

The Fantasy Premier League is the biggest Fantasy Football game in the world. It is also the official Fantasy Football game of the Premier League.

Football fans have learned how to take their love for football to a whole other level. Using football knowledge, wits and tactics, football fans have been competing alongside the Premier League in their very own Fantasy Premier League.

What It Is

The Fantasy Premier League is the official fantasy football competition that is open for all to join and compete in. No matter where you are, you are allowed to compete against football fans across the globe in the quest for fantasy points. In this competition, your football wits and knowledge is vital and can make you or break you. Since the Premier League is home to a lot of great and exciting players, fans around the world delight in the opportunity to form their own dream team in the Fantasy Premier League.

How to Play Fantasy Premier League

In the Fantasy Premier League, you are given a budget of £100 at the start of the game which you can spend on a 15-man squad. This squad will include 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and lastly 3 forwards. Since you manage your own team, you decide how to spend this budget. Managing the budget is actually a big part of the challenge in the fantasy league since you need to balance expensive star players with cheaper players. One rule that everyone must follow is that only a maximum of 3 players can be chosen from any one premier league team.

Once you are done choosing your players, you must then select your starting eleven for your first match. There are several formations available for you to choose from but you must have 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 2 midfielders and 1 attacker on the field. You must also select a captain and a reserve captain. The captain doubles his points score for the game week automatically. If he doesn’t play, the reserve captain will receive the benefit. You are in charge of choosing the formation which will get you more fantasy points.

During the season, it is possible for some of your players to get injured. You may opt to transfer them out of the squad and bring an in-form player. Every game week, you are allowed 1 free transfer, additional transfers after that will cost you 4 points from your team. If your free transfers aren’t used, they can be added onto the next week. However, free transfers stop at 2.

Players also undergo price changes that depend on the amount of people transferring them in and out of their squads. Keep an eye on players you want to transfer in your team to know when the best time to get them is. This opportunity to transfer players in and out keeps the game more challenging and gives players the opportunity to redeem themselves, should they need to.