Beginner’s Guide to Fantasy Premier League

If you’ve just heard about the Fantasy Premier League or if you want to recruit new casual players, then this guide is just for you.

If you’ve just heard about the Fantasy Premier League or if you want to recruit new casual players, then this guide is just for you.

In this guide, you will learn the fundamentals of Fantasy Football which may give you some insight into using some basic strategies to win your games.

Understanding Fantasy Premier League

First off, before you can play and even win at Fantasy Football, you must first understand what Fantasy Premier League is. Fantasy Football is basically a game where you play the role of a Fantasy Manager. As the manager, you are given the task to form your own team or squad composed of real players who score points according to their real-life performances in their matches.

Guide to Playing Fantasy Premier League

In order to start, you must create a team of 11 or, sometimes, 15 real-life players to represent you per game week of the season. Over the course of each game week, they will score you points that will be added and subtracted to a total. This total will then be compared to other teams in your own mini league or in the Fantasy Premier League Games happening around the globe with real prizes for the winner.

You have the option to compete in a league but you may also play solo, competing against other registered managers in the game.

Because there are so many different games around, it is slightly difficult to choose one that you can play in. You may also shop around for a game that will match your level of interest, commitment, as well as the cash you can shell out.

Different games also have different scoring systems so this is one of the things you must consider upon joining a game or a league. Typically, players you have selected will score points for you using the following actions:

  1. Playing Matches
    If a player in your team plays in a real-life game, then he can earn you points for your fantasy team. Generally, a player must start the match to get these points, not play as a sub.
  2. Scoring Goals
    The more goals a player on your team gets on his real-life match, the more points he can get your fantasy team.
  3. Keeping Clean Sheets
    This method of scoring points is generally for goalkeepers and defenders only. If they are able to prevent their opponents from scoring in real-life games, they will also earn you points for your team.
  4. Earning Assists
    Players who perform a pass that leads directly to a goal in real games will also earn you points in your fantasy team. This is not a conventional scoring method but almost half of the Fantasy Games in the world have this scoring method.
  5. Playing Well
    In some fantasy leagues, good performances by players in their real-life team can earn your fantasy team some points. For instance, if a player of your team wins an actual award such as Man of the Match, you can earn additional points in your fantasy team.